Ever dabble in industry accreditation scrabble?

NEWSFLASH:  You do whenever you see a string of capital letters after a company’s name and think – “What does that mean?”  Sometimes we are hesitant to ask for fear of not seeming very knowledgeable. Don’t worry, let’s decode one together.

What do you think ACMF stands for?

A quick Google search came up with these offers: Aircraft-Condition-Monitoring-Function, Alliance-Capital-Mutual-Fund and Antimatter-Catalyzed-Micro-Fusion.

My favorite was Australian-Country-Music-Foundation (lol).

The correct answer is Accredited Community Management Firm.  Pat yourself on the back if you knew that.  ACMF is an accreditation for firms managing California community associations to ensure standards of practice and professionalism. It offers recognition as a “professional” in the community management field.  It also communicates that the firm adheres to the highest California industry standards through a key component of the ACMF program (Internal Audit Review) which demonstrates its commitment to risk management practices and internal financial controls.  In a competitive market – this accreditation adds value to the firm in the eyes of the clients being served. 

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