O.C. Register reports balcony collapse due to rotted wooden beams

Fun, edgy post?  This isn’t one of them.  

Property maintenance at times, can be very serious business.


Recent heartbreaking news about a balcony collapse due to rotting support beams is not uncommon and happens when structural damage is able to go unnoticed until it’s too late.  The saddest part is that the injuries, loss of life and lawsuits could have all been avoided.


Facts show that decks, stairs, balconies & walkways are all subject to the devastation of water, sunlight & weather.  Additional stresses like BBQ heat, pet urine, leaking plant pots & chemical decay will also take their toll.  These external forces continually work together to deteriorate your wooden property allowing water intrusion which can lead to dangerous mold, dry rot & structural damage.


Some visible signs of decking in need of help could include fading, cracking, nail pops, rust around screw heads & lumber twisting or bowing.  Our maintenance experts will correct sloping, install flashing, check drainage systems, repair damaged fascia and apply waterproofing.  Carasso crews specialize in repairing and waterproofing decks & balconies to help you avoid a potential tragedy in your community. 


Whether your property requires a minor repair for a small leak, ongoing maintenance or a full restoration, contact Bill or Dave to schedule your no obligation inspection.    Let’s be safe, not sorry.


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