Fantastic Mastic Expansion Joints

The phrase “mastic expansion joints just conjures up images of unparalleled glamour, doesn’t it?

Hard-working, waterproof seams are essential – designed to allow concrete pool decks, driveways and sidewalks to safely expand and contract.

When properly maintained, they add protection and safety while eliminating insect/weed invasion and dangerous trip hazards.  Most importantly, mastic expansion joints prevent water penetration beneath concrete which erodes the base soil – absolutely crucial to avoid cracking and structural damage to slabs and pools.

BAD NEWS:  Like everything else, pool caulking, sealant or mastic has a life expectancy. It dries out and deteriorates in a process accelerated by chlorine chemical exposure and weathering.

GOOD NEWS:  Carasso specializes in repair and maintenance of mastic expansion joints, always professionally executed by our own experienced staff – never sub-contracted out.  Skip the middleman AND ensure a quality job is done right the first time!

Contact Bill or Dave to help prevent costly future repairs and keep your HOA’s assets in fantastic-mastic shape.


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