It’s true… some general contractors are better than others (yes, some are just plain stinky).  Experienced Property Managers know that performing large scale and complex re-construction jobs require maintaining a high standard-of-quality.

An established, knowledgeable company like Carasso Construction Services offers the kind of full-service solutions that HOAs require.  From architectural plans and engineering to permit processing, our experts will handle it all: which translates to accountability, convenience and cost savings.

We carry $2M general liability insurance and $1M worker’s compensation, our General Class B License is #697845 and our insurance is written specifically for remodeling and structural repairs of condominiums and single family homes.  We’ve got you covered!

Contact Dave or Bill for a bid on large-scale repairs and complex, deferred maintenance projects.  Your community will be glad you did.

NOTE:  We don’t like to bash our competitors (too much), but our decades of practice have taught us that cheap contractors are usually not the best ones.  Often the lowest bids turn out to be the most costly due to poorly planned cost overruns and lower quality work that may need to be repaired or even rebuilt (been there, done that).


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