Meeting minutes are one of the most important of all corporate documents for a homeowners association.

Minutes that are vague or fail to accurately record board action are a detriment to the association. These issues often come to light only after copies of minutes have been requested in the discovery process of pending litigation.  These suggestions are valuable:

Minutes should describe the meeting, identify which board members are present and absent, identify management representatives and any guest speakers who are present, and indicate that a quorum of the board is present.

Minutes should reflect the time the meeting is called to order and when it is adjourned. If a board member arrives late, or leaves early, the minutes should note this and the specific time. It is also helpful to organize the minutes to mirror the meeting agenda.

Once approved, they should be signed and dated by the board secretary and indicate they have been approved. Approved minutes should be archived in an organized set of minute books.

Minutes need to accurately record matters considered, and action taken, by the board on agenda items and on matters added to the agenda. That is, the minutes need to identify in appropriate detail the motions made by board members and reflect the vote taken.

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