Mastic expansion joints are located wherever large amounts of concrete are poured – driveways, sidewalks and pool decks.  Their purpose is to isolate segments of concrete from each other allowing them to expand and contract with summer sun, ground settlement and earthquakes.

Your property’s once good-looking mastic gets ugly and separates.  As the sun’s heat laterally expands your concrete sections, they begin to crack and break from the stress.  Around pools, the expanding deck sections push on the back of the pool coping often cracking, dislodging and exposing your pool to the danger of unseen water seepage.

The good news?  Carasso specializes in these maintenance services and are professionally performed by our own experienced staff – not sub-contracted out as many pool vendors do.

Skip the middle man and contact Dave or Bill today to get your property’s public areas in shape for peak summer use and prevent future costly repairs.


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