Leak Damage Repair

We’ve finally received some much-needed rain… and some calls about “recently appeared drywall stains.”

Water intrusion is tricky. It can run along structural framing or piping before dribbling onto drywall, obscuring the true source of the problem. Even tiny seepage breaches can proceed dangerous mold, dry rot, insulation damage and structural destruction.

Carasso’s meticulous leak-detectives are pros at pinpointing sources of water penetration and resolving the problem. Experienced managers know that dealing with water intrusion issues sooner-than-later helps minimize property (& budget) damages.

Contact Bill or Dave today to inspect any visible signs of a leak.

It’s time to put the experienced Carasso pros to work locating those tricky moisture sources and skillfully restoring any damages. (’cause delaying repair to leak damages can lead to additional restoration and unfortunate mold remediation costs.)


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