Carasso Maintenance Contracts

Why are these Property Managers so happy?

With a Carasso service agreement in place, they receive less maintenance calls and complaints!

Proactive monitoring and prevention make us a valuable partner to your community, helping to identify and mitigate known risks.  Weekly or monthly, our popular maintenance programs are designed for flexibility.


Benefits include:

  • Priority service response  (for minimal disruption)
  • Discounted labor rates  (saves your HOA money)
  • Eight or more pre-paid service hours each month  (budget flexible)
  • Property-walks monitor community assets  (proactive end-of-lifecycle protection)
  • Rates are guaranteed for duration of contract  (predictable ownership costs)
  • Convenient monthly billing  (less paperwork)
  • All work is guaranteed!  (no worries for you)
  • Includes all basic maintenance & handyman services  (services listed – click here)


Join the other Property Managers that are saving time and pleasing homeowners – contact Dave or Bill for more information on the optimal service agreement to suit your needs.  You’ll be glad you did.

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