Gutter Maintenance

Look around your office (go ahead, I’ll wait…)

You’ll notice the seasoned Property Managers are taking the initiative to prepare their communities for the 2015/2016 rainy season which traditionally runs from October to April here in our SoCal paradise. When it does rain, it comes down hard and can overwhelm the water run-off and drainage systems that are in place if they are not prepared to handle the eventual deluge. This is compounded by our recent lack of precipitation which has caused increases in the amount of obstructive dried debris that clog up & block these systems.

Now is the time to prepare your property’s rain gutters by having them emptied and if needed, repaired. (Unless you really look forward to the absolute thrill of water-runoff, landscape damage and mud-stained stucco. Who are we to judge?)

Contact us today to avoid the time-sucking phone calls from cranky homeowners that are getting dripped on.

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