Summer is the most popular time for people looking to move into a new home.

For most property managers, there is one big drawback to that bright summer sunshine – the full sun will highlight the items lingering on your repair list.  Witness the peeling paint, cracked tiles, missing roof shingles and rotting deck boards.  This isn’t necessarily the kind of spotlight you or we want on any of your properties.  Checklist ahead.


Items that might need inspecting, cleaning or replacing:

  1. Inspect stucco and siding for any loose/missing pieces
  2. Repair wall joints and any minor cracks
  3. Inspect paint and touch up or repaint as needed
  4. Check tile/brickwork and repair crumbling or damaged mortar
  5. Deteriorating wood finishes should be removed, sanded & refinished


We can help, call Dave or Bill to schedule your Spring inspections and services.  It’s going to be a great 2015!


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