Take active time out. Sometimes a short walk is all you need to shake off whatever is ailing you. Getting some fresh air outside a few times each day can drastically reduce your stress levels. Use this time to refresh yourself with water or coffee, go to the bathroom or say hello to a co-worker. Standing up and walking away from your work frequently throughout the day lets you return rejuvenated and clear-headed. As a result, you are much more productive.

Play your favorite tunes. Music soothes the soul, right? Playing music at work can help you relax and unwind. Using your smart phone to lightly listen to music at your desk provides a distraction, reducing muscle tension and cutting your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Research has shown that listening to your favorite tunes can help to improve your communication skills, creativity and task performance.

Reconnect to life at large. Why not make a quick call? Studies have proven that talking to a loved one boosts the feel-good hormone oxytocin, leaving a smile on the face of the most stressed out property managers. It’s okay to just buzz someone and say “howdy”. The act of feeling connected to someone will instantly calm you when the going gets rough. For extra benefits –make your call while on a short stroll around the building.

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