Fantastic Mastic Expansion Joints

The phrase “mastic expansion joints“ just conjures up images of unparalleled glamour, doesn’t it? Hard-working, waterproof seams are essential – designed to allow concrete pool decks, driveways and sidewalks to safely expand and contract. When properly maintained, they add protection and safety while eliminating insect/weed invasion and dangerous trip hazards.  Most importa ...[Read More]


Carasso does concrete replacement

As far as I can tell, no one needs to know a bull-float from a screed to recognize ugly, cracked and dangerous concrete.  (Uhh… the kind that creates hazards for pedestrians and exposes HOAs to expensive liability claims?) As landscaping matures, aggressive rooting tendencies damage and compromise the structural integrity of soil beneath slabs, sidewalks and patios.  This causes treacherous ...[Read More]