wood replacement


Leak Damage Repair

We’ve finally received some much-needed rain… and some calls about “recently appeared drywall stains.” Water intrusion is tricky. It can run along structural framing or piping before dribbling onto drywall, obscuring the true source of the problem. Even tiny seepage breaches can proceed dangerous mold, dry rot, insulation damage and structural destruction. Carasso’s m ...[Read More]


Wood Repair & Replacement

Don’t be surprised, hidden dry-rot and termites cause over $8 billion in wood damages per year.  Regular repair/ replacement of damaged lumber will protect community investments and save money. Let us help!  Wood repair and replacement is one of our specialties. Although some pest control companies offer wood-replacement as an extra revenue source – don’t do it!  Repairs to exist ...[Read More]


O.C. Register reports balcony collapse due to rotted wooden beams

Fun, edgy post?  This isn’t one of them.   Property maintenance at times, can be very serious business.   Recent heartbreaking news about a balcony collapse due to rotting support beams is not uncommon and happens when structural damage is able to go unnoticed until it’s too late.  The saddest part is that the injuries, loss of life and lawsuits could have all been avoided.   Facts sho ...[Read More]